Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY Gift Bag and Bow

A few days ago, while making the rounds of my favorite blogs, I came across two very useful and fun tutorials.

Jessica from the blog How about orange, shows us how to make a stylish bow and gift bag from a magazine and a newspaper. Not only the result is very original and striking but it's super eco-friendly and economic!

Whether because you find yourself suddenly with a gift to wrap and no wrapping paper or because you like to present your friends and family with an originally wrap packaged, these two tutorials can come in very handy. 

Making a gift bow from a magazine page:
Get the tutorial here.

Making gift bags from newspaper:
Get the tutorial here.

So the next time, instead of panicking and rushing to the store to buy some overpriced wrapping paper and ribbon (which will end up in a landfill), head on over instead to the newspaper and magazine basket and give it a try!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week Round-up

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn color. Autumn is definitely in the air. At least in Holland.
And even though I will miss the long Summer days and trips to the beach, we have been very busy at Casa b*lota! Supplies have been ordered, new fabrics picked and the sewing has begun.
Here are some of the new listings for this week:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're back!

It's been a long month and we have done a million things! There was a beach vacation, family visits and weekend getaways and lots and lots of fun. And suddenly it's September and there is work to be done!

I did manage to work on some custom orders in the past couple of weeks and even made this back-to-school book bag!
This sturdy tote is made from canvas and upcycled denim and large enough to fit books, your favorite magazines or to use as a shopping buddy! You can get it soon on my Etsy shop.

There are tons of new projects in the pipeline, so tune in for my weekly updates here on the blog or check out the b*lota Facebook Page.