Thursday, February 17, 2011

Round-up: IKEA Hacks for Kids

In the last couple of weeks I have come across some clever (not to mention cute) ideas for storage and display of books, toys and artwork. To top it off, these are cheap solutions and require virtually no DIY skills!

First up, the kids book shelf/Bekvam Spice Rack. Simple and perfect for keeping the books handy and visible. Genius.
via Table Tonic
Next, there's the Kid's Art Gallery/Dignitet Curtain Rod, which allows you to display those precious works of art and add/change them easily.
via Ohdeedoh
And finally, the Toy Car Storage/Magnetic knife holder:

So guess where I am going this weekend?! For more IKEA hacks and ideas, check out this website.


  1. I love the artgallery idea... now I only need to find an empty wall......

  2. Awesome discoveries!!!
    Off to join you at Ikea...

  3. I love IKEA just because they give you simple and useful ideas!

  4. I like the cars on the wall....very cool idea!

  5. I have my house keys (and others) in a Magnetic knife holder, that I fixed near the home door :)

  6. Cool! Everything looks awesome, what inventive ideas! Xx


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