Friday, February 26, 2010

Somebody stop me!

I have somehow managed to make another pillow this week, this time for a friend who's having a little girl, Maria, in a few weeks. I am so pleased at how it's turned out, it's the cutest one yet!
I used some leftover Red Letter Day fabrics by Lizzy House and remnant white canvas. The insert was made out of repurposed curtains and 100% polyester filing.  
 I followed the same method as before but this time I decided to make a separate insert and add a zipper to the cover so it's easy to wash.
As a final touch, I used one of my very first Moo minicards as a tag! I hope they like it!!


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  2. I LOVE the things your are making the fabrics are so colorful and happy.
    And I won't be the one who will stop you :) just keep on doing this beautiful things ...

  3. What a beautiful pillow! I love the Lizzy House fabrics and that Moo mini card is awesome! Keep it up and I hope you will advertise on my blog when I get that up and running. I'm a new follower now too.


  4. como coses as letras? a tua maquina é corte e cose? que ando com uma a carvão!estou deliciada e cheia de inveja! lindo e com muito bom gosto * Filipa Camões


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