Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer has arrived! Well, sort of...

We've had all kinds of crazy weather in the Netherlands in the last few weeks, rainy and cold days followed by tropical temperatures followed by thunderstorms and hail. You can never really put away your sweaters and boots but you want to keep your summer dresses and sandals at hand!

And just in case the planets align and a warm, beautiful day comes along and you want to head out to the beach or the pool, you want to have a roomy bag and cute (and practical) accessories handy:

Large Shoulder Bag - Engine Red & Polka Dots

The small zipper pouch is perfect to hold you telephone, wallet and keys and the large wet bag very convenient to stash in wet bathing suits and clothes (and dirty diapers?).

I'll be adding a few more bags in the next week so make sure you check the shop for updates!


  1. I like that bag a lot Blota - it really is just what I would need for the beach! If only I still lived in Holland and still went to the beach regularly....!!!

  2. What a nice bag! Love the colors! And yes, the extra pouch and wet bag would indeed be very handy!! Great idea!


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