Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Handmade Marketplace

I have been sewing like mad for the last few weeks, trying out new patterns, deciding what I want to make and sell. The plan is to start listing next week.

Along side this work, I have started reaching out to the online community. I am tweeting (@b_lota), plan to launch my Facebook Fan Page soon(b*lota), and I am reading TONS of websites and blogs directed at small businesses, crafts in particular. The amount of information out there is immense and sometimes it's hard not to get lost.

Enter "the Handmade Marketplace: how to sell your crafts locally, globally and online". This book condenses the information you need if you are starting out or even if you are already established. It's full of tips and tools that you can easily apply to your business and it does it in a fun, fresh way! The author, Kari Chapin, has invited about 30 successful bloggers, entrepreneurs and designers to contribute and the result is an indie craft bible which will help and inspire you get your small business to a new level. For a full review click here.

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